What We Do

  Our cooperating clients consist mainly of big international companies. Our services include data collection via traditional methodologies(Focus groups, FTF interview, IDI interview etc.), respondent recruitment, coding, data entry, remote viewing capabilities(Focus Vision), document translation and simultaneous interpretation etc.

  SOWIN Brand Development Research is distinctly divided into 4 teams, Automobile research(car clinics) team, FMCG team, Mystery shopper/QC team and Quantitative research team.

  Our team members are highly experienced and proactive, also they are both local and international research fieldwork specialists. The combination of international expertise and local insights gives SOWIN the advantage to provide high quality data and research fieldwork solutions tailored for China’s thriving and ever changing market.

  我们主要和各大国际公司合作,我们提供的服务包括数据采集、被访者招募、编 码、数据录入、远程观看和收听设备(FV)、项目资料翻译和同声传译等。 首威企业管理咨询有限公司由四个分工明确的团队组成,分别是汽车调研团队、 快消品团队、神秘客/QC团队以及定量调研团队。

  我们的团队由一群积极热情并且拥有丰富经验的专家组成。正是这些洞察力强大 的专家让SOWIN团队有能力提供高质量的数据以及设计适合发展迅速并且变幻莫测 的中国市场的调研方案。